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Wyndham City’s Heritage Review Draft Gap Study Stage 1 was endorsed at last night’s Council meeting (Tuesday 7th July), and is now available for community feedback.

Council is undertaking a Heritage Review of the City’s post-contact heritage to identify, assess and protect important heritage places and precincts  from this period of our history.

Following the community nomination process in December last year, independent heritage experts have reviewed these contributions, together with existing heritage studies, maps, databases and fieldwork, to develop the Draft Gap Study.

This Draft Gap Study identifies 141 individual sites, including archaeological sites, residential properties, commercial and community buildings, landscapes, infrastructure and trees that are recommended for further research in the next stage of the Heritage Review.

Wyndham City’s Arts, Culture and Heritage Portfolio holder Cr Hooper said this Heritage Gap Study forms part of initial research into possible heritage sites and there are no plans to propose heritage controls or protection at this early, preliminary stage.

“The sites identified in this initial, desktop study, will provide us with a starting point for a more detailed phase of research,” Cr Hooper said.

“Council officers will be speaking to property owners to discuss the potential heritage value of any properties outlined in this study and to get their feedback on the Draft Gap Study.”

“Perhaps a site may not have the heritage significance required to progress to the next stage of the process or we may learn valuable information about some of Wyndham’s most iconic places as we progress this research.”

Residents can view the Draft Gap Study at https://theloop.wyndham.vic.gov.au/heritage-review  and provide feedback by 23rd August 2020 or contact Council  at heritage@wyndham.vic.gov.au or on 9742 0777.

Source: Be part of Wyndham’s Heritage Review
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