Keep heavy vehicles off residential streets

Wyndham City is asking heavy vehicle owners to make sure their work and leisure vehicles are parked in designated spaces and not outside homes in residential areas.

Safer Communities Portfolio Holder Cr Kim McAliney said heavy vehicles over 4.5 tonne in weight, or 7.5 metres or longer, such as trucks, caravans, trailers, boats, or buses must not be parked in built up areas for longer than one hour.

 “This means you can’t take your work truck home and park it on the road outside your property and you also need to keep your boats and caravans on your property or at a suitable location off the road,” Cr McAliney said.

“Many residents may be surprised to learn that it is an offence under Victorian Road Rules to park these vehicles in residential, commercial, and industrial areas.”

“Council is responsible for issuing infringements for these offences and 475 were handed out since January this year.”

“While it may be convenient for residents to drive their work vehicles home or leave the boat out on the road while using the garage, these vehicles pose a hazard on our roads.”

“Council often receives complaints from residents who are concerned about their neighbours parking these vehicles at home.”

“People are often quite upset when these vehicles start up early in the morning or return home at unsocial hours.”

“They can block vision when residents are exiting their driveways or approaching intersections, which could result in a collision.”

“From Council’s perspective, residential streets are not designed to constantly bear the weight of heavy loads, and this can cause structural damage to the roads.”

“They can also create congestion when attempting to manoeuvre in tight spaces.”

To report any prohibited heavy vehicle parking, contact 03 9742 0777 or submit a service request online via https://www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/submit-customer-service-request

Source: Keep heavy vehicles off residential streets
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