Creating a greener Wyndham with our 2020 tree-planting program

Wyndham City plans to plant 7,500 trees across the municipality next year for the 2020 Street Tree Planting Program.

This program is being delivered as part of The City Forest and Habitat Strategy 2017-2040 and will contribute to the Strategy’s target of achieving 12.5 per cent canopy cover by 2022.

Environment and Sustainability portfolio holder Cr Heather Marcus said trees were such an immense asset to both the environment and community.

“They provide many benefits, including shade to keep our houses and streets cool, wind protection, the reduction of stormwater runoff, pollution absorption, habitat for our local wildlife, and they improve the look of our roads and streets,” Cr Marcus said.

“Recent research shows Wyndham has a low canopy cover of 3.6 per cent, that’s half a percent lower than other councils in the Melbourne region.”

“But this Strategy will ensure we are not only on a par with other councils but leading the way to achieve our environmental goals and ensure Wyndham has the best environment possible.”

“Council aims to have 100 per cent of suitable nature strips in Wyndham planted with a tree by 2040, in order to achieve our 25 per cent tree canopy coverage target.”

“Letters have been sent to those residents who have a nature strip marked for a new tree and the sites will then be individually assessed for suitability.”

“If the site is deemed suitable, residents will receive a brochure to confirm that they will be receiving a new tree in 2020.”

To check if your street will be receiving new trees in 2020, visit our interactive map which allows people to go online and see precisely where the new trees will be planted.

Residents are invited to provide feedback before 30 November 2019 via Councils Tree Planting Map www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/treeplanting.

Source: Creating a greener Wyndham with our 2020 tree-planting program
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