WYNBUS-Point Cook Trial Operation August 26-October 4


WYNBUS (wynbus.org.au) is a Not-for-Profit community initiative of Point Cook Action Group (PCAG) for enabling better solutions for ‘Mobility-on-Demand for Wyndham’.
We proposed this idea in Wyndham Council Budget submission in 2018 and then elaborated the idea and presented and won in ‘GovHack Wyndham Contest’ in 2018. As well, we presented the idea to the community through “Pick my Project” (A Victorian Government initiative) campaign and secured funding after being voted by the community as one of the top popular projects in Western Metropolitan Melbourne. We coordinated with multiple stakeholders in the community and identified community partners in the past year and are now have launched the trial. We are looking for sponsors who are interested in joint promotion deals and sponsorship of passenger fares.

Details of latest bus routes, bus schedule, process for booking bus services and further details are available in the link https://bit.ly/wynbuspc

For iOS – https://xemo.page.link/wynbus-ios
For Android – https://xemo.page.link/wynbus-android

More about the WYNBUS – Point Cook Trial – 26th August – 4th October
Peak hour services (Morning and Evening hour peak on weekdays)

  • As part of this trial for 6 weeks, WYNBUS is collaborating with 2 partner operators for running 4 shuttles (8-10 seaters) during peak hours from 6-9AM and 4-7PM (Subject to revision every 2 weeks based on customer feedback)
  • Based on series of exhaustive surveys we have identified the high demand spots (e.g. new estates without adequate PTV services coverage) for shuttle services from/to the train station.
  • These high demand spots have been grouped into three bus routes which will be serviced by 4 shuttle buses.
  • Shuttles are bookable by an Mobile app with affordable fare (4 AUD fare, 3 AUD Concession fare). 2 AUD promo fare for first 2 weeks. (We are planning to extend the promo fares for next 4 weeks based on sponsorship deals from local businesses)
  • This data and insights from the trial will be shared with PTV for similar On-demand services across Wyndham for new growth areas

Off Peak hour services (10 AM-3.30PM on weekdays and 9AM-5PM on weekends)

  • As part of this trial for 6 weeks, WYNBUS is collaborating with a mobility-aid enabled shuttle operator for operating on all days during the week (10AM-3.30PM on weekdays and 9AM-5PM on weekends).
  • Members can book the shuttle service from their house in Point Cook to key locations in Point Cook (e.g. Shopping, Community Centres & Medical Centres) with affordable fare (4 AUD fare, 3 AUD Concession fare).
  • This Off-Peak Service is targeted at members of the community (e.g. members requiring wheelchair access, elderly, young parents) who do not have access to cars or buses to reach their preferred destination for services (which are not time-critical and flexible with the schedule). It will also trial additional services like school bus shuttles for public schools considering the high demand.
  • Includes school bus services for few high schools around Point Cook
  • The data from the trial will be used for advocating more similar On-Demand Shuttle services across Wyndham.

Note: Service Schedule/Timelines are subject to change based on relevant approvals/Community input

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