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Australians have more to watch than ever before, and a myriad of ways to watch it, as new technology continues to shape the way we consume entertainment.

The days of crowding around a small box in the lounge room, choosing from a handful of fuzzy free-to-air channels, are long gone. The arrival of pay television in the mid-1990s was just the tip of the iceberg, with streaming services like Netflix completely freeing us from the shackles of the TV guide so we can watch what we want, when we want.

The remote control on the coffee table is relatively obsolete, when you can simply command virtual assistants to stream a show, play a tune or narrate a book. You can easily fling a video or slideshow from your handheld device to your intelligent TV or even a tech-savvy home appliance. Streaming services are built into practically every home entertainment device. Every computer, smartphone and tablet is an entertainment epicentre.

Streaming services will evolve to enable users to enjoy 3D movies everywhere.
Streaming services will evolve to enable users to enjoy 3D movies everywhere.CREDIT:GETTY

The online video revolution hasn’t just brought more content into our lounge rooms, it’s also given us entertainment on the move. This level of connectivity not only turns every room in the house into a home cinema, the consumer is able to extend their entertainment experience to the way they commute. Especially as mobile broadband gets cheaper and faster every year – making it easier to tune in and tune out while you ride the morning bus or take a seat as a passenger in the family car.

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