Dark Art, Red Wine and Food, Campfire Hot Spring. Winter in the southern hemisphere can also be wonderful!

Picture: Coolness can already be felt on Mount Wellington in Hobart, Tasmania.

(Picture source:ABC Open Contributor Carmel Boyd)

Winter has arrived, but for most parts of Australia, there is no snow in winter and no plush coat.

In this sunny country, the mild winter weather makes many Australians feel unhappy, so they choose to experience “real winter” in colder areas.

Whether you want outdoor adventure, art appreciation or a stove with fine wine and delicacies, there is always a place for you. So says Chris Zeiher, author of Lonely Planet and travel guru.

“There are many famous winter resorts in Australia, such as ski resorts in Victoria or New South Wales, and many small villages are good places for winter holidays.” He said.

We interviewed Chris and several other friends who love Australian winter. Let’s see where they’ve been and how they’ve enjoyed their winter vacation in Australia.

A meditative journey to purge one’s mind

Tasmania’s tourism industry is unprecedented prosperity, Chris said.

“Right now it’s one of Australians’favorite domestic destinations, and winter is the best time to explore the island.” He said.

“You can enjoy the snowfall quietly in the lush rainforest of Cradle Mountain, or you can go into a stylish bar in Hobart and taste the best whiskey in the world. The winter in Tasmania is full of surprises.

That’s why Robyn Manning, who lives in Ipswich, often goes there with her husband Col.

Picture: Robyn is with her husband Col Manning. She enjoys wearing warm winter clothes.

(For photo:Robyn Manning)

Last year, the retired couple spent two months in Tazhou.

“You have to wear warm winter clothes… I like to wear a lovely thick coat and a beautiful scarf. The 58-year-old woman said.

Her endurance of the heat can be described as decreasing year by year, she said. Cold can make her more clear and calm.

“Continuous hot days can make me impatient. Change into a cool place, you can wash away your thoughts.

New York artist Alyssa Bermudez is also a winter fan in Tasmania.

She moved to Hobart with her lover in 2015. She used to live in the United States, of course, knows what a “real” winter is like, but she still prefers the winter here.

“There is still plenty of sunshine and lots of outdoor activities.” She said.

“This season is especially suitable for a round trip to national parks, with fewer tourists. And I prefer to hike in the jungle in cool weather.

These are all the bitter winters in New York that will never bring her experience.

“(New York) Sometimes it gets so cold that it takes me only five minutes to walk from my apartment to the subway station, but my face hurts with cold.”

“If you’re not fully armed, you can’t do outdoor activities like that in Tasmania (New York).”

For those who want to wait until the best time to visit Tasmania, Dark Mofo and mid-winter festival in Huon Valley are undoubtedly very attractive.

“The winter Dark Arts Festival, held by the Museum of Old and New Art (MoNA), has successfully turned Hobart, Australia’s southernmost state capital, into a hot winter resort.” Chris said.

Photo: People taking part in the Diablo Festival swim in the River Derwent.

(For photo: Diablo Festival / Moorilla Gallery, Murila Gallery.)

Every June, the festival brings dark, exciting and distinctive art and music experiences to visitors.

“If you are brave enough, you might as well take off your clothes and jump into the Deyuan River with thousands of people for a winter solstice naked swim.” Chris said.

“Winter feast is another highlight of the festival. This year there will be the largest feast so far, as well as the celebration of cooking by fire.”

“Escape” Tropical Winter

Victoria also has many winter resorts, Chris said, such as Daylesford’s spa home and Hepburn Springs.

“There are many kinds of delicacies there. You can enjoy a long lunch and enjoy all kinds of local delicacies… There are many lovely holiday cabins to rent. He said.

“Is there anything better than tasting wine in front of a burning stove?”

Max Walton, from Keynes, is a big fan of AFL. It’s hard to see a bonfire in his hometown.

That’s one of the reasons why he runs to Melbourne whenever he’s free. Wearing his own football team’s Memorial equipment from head to toe and being a loyal football fan is also an important part of his winter experience.

“Winter activities are the main attraction for us to go back.” The 26-year-old said.

“I like bonfires very much, but there’s no Melbourne effect here. Everyone will set up a tent around the campfire. The atmosphere is very good.

After all, Keynesian winter temperatures averaged 17.5 to 26 degrees Celsius, while Melbourne averaged 6.5 to 14.2 degrees Celsius.

“It’s good to have the chance to wear more thick clothes.” Max said.

“My body doesn’t have to work very hard to regulate its temperature.”

Picture: Max Walton is in Melbourne, preparing to watch an Australian Football League match.

(For photo: Max Walton)

Plan for next winter vacation ahead of schedule!

Chris has some insight into the booking of winter resorts, and he also suggests that everyone make an early booking.

Early booking for next winter means better accommodation and air fares.

“Hobart Winter Dark Arts Festival celebrations such as super popular festivals, so it’s better to book early.” He said.

“Especially in the southern states, it is better to pay attention to the schedule of the Australian Football League. When there is a match, the price of air tickets and hotels will soar.”

Photo: An astronaut walks down the street during White Night Festival in 2018.

(ABC News:Jonathan Hair)

If you’re in Melbourne, White Night is worth visiting, Chris says, especially this winter.

“This year (White Night Festival) will have a new design to create a winter festival, which will begin in late August.” He said.

Artists from home and abroad will bring a variety of sculptures, performing arts and music, “which will light up Melbourne’s gloomy weather”. He said.

Good wine and delicacies are my dishes.

Picture: Enjoying delicious wine and food with friends is also part of the winter experience.

(Unsplash: Priscilla Du Preez)

Stephen Molloy, who lives in Sydney, and his wife Alexandra, love to experience the beauty of different seasons with their 14-month-old daughter, Stella.

Ocean Road in Victoria is one of their favorite places, especially during Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach near Torquay.

“The whole city is lit up,” said Stephen, 37. “And you can see the famous twelve disciples on the road.”

Picture: Stephen Molloy, wife Alexandra, and their daughter Stella

They are also frequent visitors to Thredbo, New South Wales.

“Sladebo has a country house with a big stove in it. After seven or eight hours of driving, you can sit by the stove and have a nice glass of malt. That’s a great feeling.

Their favorite winter dish is borscht, a soup made from beet root and meat.

Chris recommends that wine and food enthusiasts go to the Sea and Vines Festival in McLaren Vale, South Australia.

“This year, the festival, in conjunction with several wineries and restaurants, provides visitors with a wide range of experiences, ranging from high-end gourmet meals to classic street snacks.” He said.

You can also enjoy the natural beauty of the winery for such an excellent reason, enjoy the fine wine, and appreciate the various characteristic buildings.


Source: Dark Art, Red Wine and Food, Campfire Hot Spring. Winter in the southern hemisphere can also be wonderful!

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